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College Application Expert

College Application Expert provides guidance to students applying to colleges. Our team of professional consultants and Ivy League scholars will guide you step by step throughout the entire application process and help you fulfill your dream.

Today, the competition to get into college is so intense that grades and test scores are not enough to distinguish you from all the other students who want to attend the school of your choice. Colleges are looking for more than just high achievers; they want to select students who will be an asset to the college community and become graduates whom the school will be proud to claim as alumni/alumnae. Your personalized college application and your college interview are crucial to expressing to your dream schools how you will be a positive addition to their campus.

We'll help you write a standout common application essay and coach you to present yourself in a unique and appealing way to your college interviewer.

We'll also help you set deadlines and goals, select schools to apply to, complete all forms and answer application questions and short essays, and even help you decide which school is best for you when you are accepted to more than one college.

Most of all, we'll take some of the fear and uncertainty out of the process and give you the guidance you need to present who you are in the best possible light.