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College Application Expert provides services to students who wish to apply to colleges but feel they need some guidance with the answers for their actual applications.

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Applying to colleges, universities, and other educational institutions is a complex process involving various skills and strategies in order to get into the school of your dreams.

A steadily increasing number of applicants every year apply to Ivy League colleges and other top universities in the United States. Students face enormous competition from their peers. Knowing how to prepare yourself early and how to make yourself stand out from the many other applicants is essential for success.

Our professional consultants are a team of Ivy League scholars with extended educational background and experience in counseling students applying for college, graduate and summer programs, and internships. We will guide you step by step throughout the entire process and help you fulfill your dream.

Admission Strategies for the best fit school

GPA and SAT/ACT scores are important. However, they alone do not guarantee you a spot in the top schools. To maximize your chance of being accepted by the nation’s top universities and colleges, your application has to be outstanding. Exceptional answers to the questions on the application will set you apart from your peers.

An application needs to be developed based on who you are, the interests that you are passionate about, and your academic strengths. It is important to be mindful of experiences that shape you and people who make an impression on you so that you can produce an essay that is unique to your experience and communicate what sets you apart during your interview.

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About Ahna McCracken

Ahna McCracken is an alumna of Yale College, and has spent years helping students complete their college applications and prepare for their college interviews. Using her past experience, she helps young adults present themselves to their best advantage. She works personally with students to select the most outstanding information about their lives and their interests and decide the best and most appealing way for this information to be presented.

Choosing the right subjects for the common application essay is an essential element of an outstanding application. Ahna helps students gain a deeper understanding of who they are and how they can present their individual interests with passion and in a larger context.

With Ahna and her team’s help, students can approach the college application and interview process with confidence and assurance.

Young adults who have worked with Ahna have been accepted at Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, Columbia, and many other excellent colleges.

In today’s competitive atmosphere many children have comparable grades, SAT/ACT and AP scores. Therefore, the personalized college application that showcases a student with thoughtful answers and exceptional perspectives will distinguish applicants and present their unique voice.