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How our comprehensive packages work

Selecting schools – After getting to know you, we help you narrow down a final list of colleges. The list includes safety schools, reach schools, and target schools.

The essay – We consider the Common Application essay recommendations and help you select a final essay topic. The Common App. essay is extremely important and must reflect your unique perspective. The service includes 5 essay edits and many guiding questions which help you produce a thoughtful, personal essay. This same process is used with the supplemental essays and short answer responses.

The interview – One of the most important aspects of applying to college is the interview, either on campus or with an alumnus/alumna. Members of our team have interviewed students for Ivy League schools, and we have a great deal of experience helping students prepare. We do a mock interview and highlight information you should be sure to introduce during your actual interview.

Senior year comprehensive package

4 schools
Additional schools can be added

  1. Recommend final list of college choices
  2. Select essay topics and provide multiple rounds of editing to ensure that your unique voice is well presented
  3. Final review of Common App. essay
  4. Final review of all supplemental essays and short answers
  5. Craft the best resumé
  6. Assist with filling out all school forms
  7. Create an action plan with organized checklists and deadlines
  8. Coach for live interviews
  9. Assemble an outstanding portfolio (art, music, video, web links)
  10. Decision evaluation: our experts help you choose the best school for you when you are accepted by more than one school
  11. Offer support, tips and advice for how to succeed in college both academically and socially.

Available by the hour:

– One-on-one college interview training
– Hourly help with any item from the comprehensive package


Ahna is available to give a presentation on the college interview process at your school or community association. At the presentation, she will explain the importance of the admission interview, describe what interviewers are seeking, and work with students to demonstrate how they can best express who they are and communicate their passions in a way which makes them memorable at their interview.

For an example of a presentation, click here.